“Elizabeth loves music and teaching and one cannot help but be overwhelmed by her expertise in style of various music genres. She is a gifted performer  who inspires students and colleagues alike to tap in to their passion for music for a completely transcendent experience. If you study with Elizabeth you will become a better singer, a better musician and you will see that music indeed lasts a lifetime.”  –Deac Guidi

“Since 2005, Elizabeth has been a core member of my operatic team.  Elizabeth is true gem and one should be so lucky as to cross her path.  I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone interested in discovering their true voice.”-Nathan Kondrat

“I am delighted to have the benefit of her expertise; I had no idea that I had developed so many bad habits.  Thankfully, with her help, I am on my way to redemption! and am enjoying every musical minute!”-Betty Atwater

“Elizabeth gave me the courage and inspiration to organize my own post-college recital, which we prepared in just a few months. Effective teaching that involves the whole body is what you will get with her – she’s great!”-Madeleine Blumgart

“Elizabeth is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled teachers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’ve been singing in ensembles for 15 years, and still, in a couple months of lessons with her, I’ve learned so much! She is highly and enthusiastically recommended!”-Kelly Rentscher

“Elizabeth is a fantastically inspiring teacher! You will learn more than you can imagine with her.”                   -Shermayne Brown

“Marvelous performer and fantastic teacher.”-Julie Call Waters

“In all my studies with numerous teachers and coaches, some with truly excellent pedigrees, I have yet to find a teacher as knowledgeable in technique, as honest, or as clear a communicator as Elizabeth. She is a blessing unto one’s song!”
-Steven Hooper

Voice Lessons Online and for Tucson, Amado, Green Valley, Sahuarita, Tubac, Rio Rico, Nogales and More

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